The Blog Blotter – NBA Trade Deadline and More A-Rod

The current temperature outside is zero and it feels like this winter has lasted forever.  We need to get into the Spring mode and the reporting of pitchers and catchers to Florida and Arizona has us thinking that Spring will eventually come and we can enjoy some warm weather and sun.

  • The NBA Trade Deadline came on Thursday at 3PM with the most activity in league history.  There were 11 transactions that took place just before the deadline and I believe the Thunder made out the best of any other team.  The Thunder were able to get rid of disgruntled point guard Reggie Jackson, but with the additions of Enes Kanter, D.J Augustin and Steve Novak they were able to sure up their bench that has been a problem for them that since the departure of James Harden a few years ago to the Rockets.  The Thunder are still in a fight for a playoff spot, but with Durant, Westbrook and Ibaka finally all healthy this team is extremely dangerous and could easily make a run back to the NBA Finals.
  • The Heat were able to get the best player that was traded at the deadline in point guard Goran Dragic.  Dragic was asking out of Phoenix and he got his wish.  He is a free agent at the end of the season but I expect him to sign a deal to remain in Miami because the Heat were 1 of the places that Dragic stated he was interested in playing for.  I think this trade makes the Heat extremely dangerous in the East, however there is some concern over possible blood clots in Chris Bosh’s lungs that may have him sidelined for the rest of the season.  Hopefully, that is not the case for Bosh and we hope him a speedy recovery from whatever has been ailing him during the All-Star break.
  • Kevin Garnett is going back to Minnesota where he played the first 12 seasons of his NBA career and put the Timberwolves on the NBA map.  Garnett will definitely retire their, but there is talk of signing him for another year to come back next year and be a mentor to some of the younger players on the Timberwolves.  Garnett going back to Minnesota is a nice story, but the Nets made out really well in this trade getting 26 year old Thaddeus Young in return. Young can be instantly inserted into the Nets rotation and will definitely help them.  Brooklyn was unable to pull the trigger on unloading either Lopez, Johnson or Williams, but they may be able to show some heart and play their way into the playoffs.imgres
  • This week A-Rod wrote a handwritten note to the Yankees, major league baseball and all the fans.  It is hard to believe that the note is sincere, but I believe the Yankees are stuck with A-Rod and I would be shocked if they wrote him a $60 million check to get lost.  This team has no identity right now after the retirement of Derek Jeter and there is no reason to really watch them, let alone go to the games.  A-Rod is the only story they have right now and even playing the villian role will keep people interested in the Yankees and the A-Rod circus.  Rodriguez is on the cover of the latest issue of ESPN the Magazine and there is no other current Yankee that would find his way on the cover of anything.