PigSkin Prognosticator – Thursday Night Lock Debacle!

The PigSkin Prognosticator’s Thursday night winning streak has come to an end at 2 thanks to a nail biter. I thought the 6 points the Bucs were getting was too many points considering Atlanta’s D has looked far from stellar in the first 2 weeks. As I write this blog the game is just entering the 4th quarter and Tampa is down 56-0. Yes, that is not a typo…Atlanta has a 56-0 lead. Tampa and Lovie Smith should ask the refs to allow the clock to run continuously so they can get the hell out of Atlanta as soon as possible and forget this game ever happened. I thought the 6 points was to many…40 wouldn’t have been enough. An embarrassing loss for the Tampa Bay Bucs and an even more embarrassing pick by the PigSkin Prognosticator, but even greatness hits some lows sometimes. As for Tampa, they SUCK!!!!